Now That You Found the Perfect Tree!!
You Need the Perfect Stand!!
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Features of
Grinnen's Last Stand
#1. No Plastic, No Tin and No Screws to Twist In!
We are Flexable on stump size and shape!
The strap will go around stumps from 3 inches up to 8 inches in diameter.
That is about the size of a tuna fish can up to the size of a 1 gallon paint can.
Our Stand is made of steel. The Legs are 1"x1" 16 gauge square steel tubing that won't bend when you stand
the tree.

The stand has a wide base
is about a 30'' x 30''.
To tilt a tree there a levelers on each leg.
Weave the strap through the branches to save the natural tree look.
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How to use.
More water to keep the tree fresh and safe!
Watering Tree

A 3 gallon water basin will
be supplied with the stand.
Also with a seperate water basin you can slip it out at the end of the season with out spilling left over water.
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Feed Back for the stand.
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All the parts are powder coated. This is much better then paint.
How Big a tree will it hold?
We have put 10 foot trees up that was around 150 pounds because
of the frozen water in it, this was a very full tree also about
6 feet across at the base.
All trees are differant, some people have sent us Email telling us
about a 15 tree they havein a stand, but it may have been skinny.
This is why I have a had time promising what size of tree it will hold.
But, IF you are not happy, send it back for a full refund.